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Safety Goggles

These high-quality Safety Goggles are designed to provide complete protection and safety to the users against chemical splashes. They are developed using high-quality polycarbonate frame or lens to ensure utmost durability and strength. They can be worn over prescription lenses to provide complete comfort to the wearer. In addition, these Safety Goggles are provided with 4 one-way vents for ensuring maximum ventilation. We can provide them in different sizes according to the needs of the clients. 

Polycarbonate Chemical Splash Goggles

We are indulged in providing a supreme range of Polycarbonate Chemical Splash Goggles. These are cherished in the market for its chemical resistant and fog-resistant eye-wear. These are easy to wear to protect your eyes form any harsh weather situations. Polycarbonate Chemical Splash Goggles are designed to protect the wearer from liquid and chemical splash. These goggles are known as a great appropriate safety equipment which protect from airborne particulates. These will not harm your vision. 

Product details 


  • Color  : White
  • Frame material  : Silicone
  • Brand  : mallcom
  • Size  : free size
  • Gender  : Female,Male
  • Frame Colour  : transparent
  • Lenses Material  : polycarbonate



Apollo Polycarbonate Safety Goggles

Product details


  • Arms  : arms with hole for neck cord
  • Lenses  : Single lens glasses
  • Material  : Clear polycarbonate
  • Model No.  : apollo
  • Gender  : Male,Female
  • Brand  : mallcom
  • Lenses Material  : Polycarbonate
  • Frame Colour  : transparent